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Out-of-cage playtime is a very important part of being a chin owner. But what chin wants an empty playground? Here you will find some playtime toys for your chins to enjoy their out-of-cage free roaming experience.



What chin wouldn't love the Chinnie Chew-Chew to pull into their playtime station!
The Chinnie Chew-Chew offers various features such as a cab to sit in, a run through
tunnel, plus a multitude of sources for them to quench their natural instinct to chew.
This playtime toy measures approximately 26" x 7" x 10". The cab features two 1-5/8"
and one 1" x 2" window per side. The train is embellished with safe food colored
blocks on either side for the chin to enjoy chewing on. The blocks are strung on a piece
of steel chain with 1" lanyard clips that attach to eye screws on each side. This
makes it easy to remove and fill with new chews when needed. A nice wooden smoke
stack is also attached to the train, and a cute bell hangs on the end of the cab.
The boiler front where the chin runs through is a 4" diameter chew tube which can
be replaced with tubes we carry. Other tubes in stores may not fit so easily.

Chinnie Chew-Chew - $52.00



The Chin-A-Bago was a big hit in our house and we're sure that it will be a success in your chins playtime campground too! Your chins can enter the Chin-A-Bago through the front, rear or side door with ease. The approximate measurements of the Chin-A-Bago are 18" x 7" x 8". There is also a spare tire on the back for them to chew on.

Chin-A-Bago - $44.00



The Mini Bago has all the same great features as the Chin-A-Bago only on a smaller scale. There are the three entrances; front, side, and rear. The rear entrance features a shaped cutout (of our choice), and no spare tire. Because of the smaller size, it can also be used inside most cages. The approximate measurements are 14" x 7.5" x 8".

Mini Bago - $40.00


PLAYCUBES - Sorry! Temporarily Not Available

The Playcubes are our most popular playtime item. Individually or as a set, your chin(s) will enjoy running on, in, across, or through, any of these playtime toys. Each individual cube measures approximately 8.5" x 8.5" x 8.5". The A & B cube feature replaceable safe colored chew blocks. The bridge measure approximately 8.5" x 11.5" x 5" and can be added to connect the A & B cubes. A 4" chew tube can be added to connect the B & C cubes. Add the Playcube Tower and you have an entire playground. The Tower measures approximately 8.5" x 8.5" x 16".

***Save $$$$$ when you buy complete playcube playground sets over purchasing components individually!


PLAYCUBE PLAYGROUND SET - Sorry! Temporarily Not Available

Playcube Playground Set
(includes, A, B, C, Bridge, and Chew Tube ) - $58.00


Sorry! Temporarily
Not Available

Playcube Playground Extravaganza Set
(includes, A, B, C, Bridge, Chew Tube and Playcube Tower) - $74.00


CUBE A: - Sorry! Temporarily Not Available

A Cube - $15.00


CUBE B: - Sorry! Temporarily Not Available

B Cube - $16.00


CUBE C: - Sorry! Temporarily Not Available

C Cube - $14.00


BRIDGE: - Sorry! Temporarily Not Available

Bridge - $14.50



The 4" x 9" chew tubes we use fit either our Chinnie Chew-Chew or our B & C Playcube. While you can buy other tubes in stores, there is no guarantee they will fit in the items we make. Color choice is not available.

Chew Tube - $4.50


PLAYCUBE TOWER: - Sorry! Temporarily Not Available

Playcube Tower - $19.00


 - Sorry! Temporarily Not Available

The Replacement Block assortment is for replacing the food colored safe blocks on the A or B Cubes, as well as the blocks strung on the side of the Chinnie Chew-Chew. Package contains at least 10 multi colored food safe blocks. Non colored blocks are also available upon request.

Block Pack - $3.00


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