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On this page you will find other items that your chin might enjoy.



We are now offering all of our Chilla Pillas year round!

We understand that sometimes you just want to redecorate your Chin's cage, or maybe a chinny chewing party took place and now you need another pillow! Now you can order as many Chilla Pillas as you would like any time of the year.

Also, we are going change our fabrics page to a simpler format. Since fabric patterns and styles are always changing, we will now offer color options for a boy, a girl, neutral, or by color group. See our fabrics page for complete details!

For a SUPER GREAT BARGAIN, check out our Chilla Pilla Grab Bag Package below.



This is our Original Chilla Pilla. It offers a comfy spot for your chin to curl up on when taking a nap. The pilla is made with polar fleece. It also has a fleece strap with ring and 1" lanyard clip for attaching it to the cage. This will keep it in place if your chin decides to get a little feisty. The approximate measurements of the pilla are 8" x 11".

Note: Even though fleece is the safest of all materials to use for chins, we do recommend that if you see your chin chewing on it excessively, that you remove it from their cage immediately for their own safety.

Chilla Pilla - $9.50
Order two or more and save - $8.50 each
Chilla Pilla Grab Bag (5 Pillas) - $40.00



The Deluxe Chilla Pilla is made with safe polar fleece material. It comes with a fleece strap, ring, and 1" lanyard clip so that it can be attached to the side of the cage. This pilla measures approximately 8" x 14" and is a perfect size for two chins to snuggle on.

Deluxe Chilla Pilla - $10.50
Order two or more and save - $9.50 each
Deluxe Chilla Pilla Grab Bag (5 Deluxe Pillas) - $45.00



Traditional Daybed

Here it is, the item that started it all. Our Daybed measures approximately 9" x 11", and is built to compliment our Chilla Pillas. These Daybeds offer your chin a cozy place to curl up in wherever it's placed in the cage. The daybeds are proven favorites! Each daybed comes pre-drilled with all hardware (screws and washers) for mounting and one Original Chilla Pilla made with the fabric of your choice (see fabric page), and headboard style (Traditional, Royal, or Majestic) whichever you select.

Daybed - $23.00
(your choice of Chilla Pilla and Headboard)

Royal Daybed

Majestic Daybed

Thank you Jean for sharing this photo with us of Snowy snoozing in her daybed!


Duo Daybed - New Item

A daybed large enough for 2 chins. The Duo Daybed is approximately 9" x 14" and comes with a Chilla Pilla of your choice. See our fabrics page for selection of fleece. Daybed also comes with hardware, screws & washers for attaching it to the cage.

Duo Daybed $28.00



Our chin stairs are designed to give your chin the freedom to come and go from their cage during playtime. The stairs measures approximately 15" x 11" x 15", and fit both the Ferret Nation and Quality cages with stands. Add an optional 4" circle cutout on either side to give your chin something extra to run through during playtime.

Staircase Sized for Quality Townhome or Mansion Cages,
plus Ferret Nations 142 - without cutout - $23.00

Staircase Sized for Quality Townhome or Mansion Cages,
plus Ferret Nations 142 - with 4" cutout - $27.00



Ever wonder what to do with a chiller tile besides just lay in on a shelf? Well here's the answer: The "Chunnel" is an item that offers a variety of in-cage fun for your chins! They can jump on top, run through it, and when you add your own chiller tile, it can be a cool place to just hang out! Place one of our corner leaps at each end and you're all set! The Chunnel's outside measures are approximately 10" x 7" x 5.5". It is built for use with-or-without a chiller tile. (Chiller tile is not included). The Chunnel comes ready to mount with hanger bolts, wing nuts, and washers already installed.

Chunnel $15.00



All chins love their chew toys! And what better place to store them, but in their very own Toy Box. Fill it with all of their favorite chew items and let the fun begin. The box measures approximately 7" x 3" x 5" and comes ready to mount with hanger bolts, wing nuts, and washers already installed.

Toy Box - $10.50



Our hay boxes measure approximately 8" x 3.5" x 7". There are three different cutout shapes for you to choose from (hearts, stars or circles), which allows your chin to pull the hay from the front as easily as from the top. The smaller width makes it difficult for your chin to perch on top and possibly soil their hay, which we all know can be a problem. Each hay box comes ready to mount with hanger bolts, wing nuts, and washers already installed.

Hay Box - $12.00


Single Hay Box - New Item

Here we have our new single hay box. Box is approximately 3 1/2 x 4 3/4 x 7. Choose Star, Heart or Circular pattern for front. Hardware includes hanger bolts, washers & wing nuts already attached.

Single Hay Box - $8.00



The Replacement Block assortment is for replacing the food colored safe blocks on the A or B Cubes, as well as the blocks strung on the side of the Chinnie Chew-Chew. Package contains at least 10 multi colored food safe blocks. Non colored blocks are also available upon request.

Block Pack - $3.00



The 4" x 9" chew tubes we use fit either our Chinnie Chew-Chew or our B & C Playcube. While you can buy other tubes in stores, there is no guarantee they will fit in the items we make. Color choice is not available.

Chew Tube - $4.50



Here is the 4" ceramic bowls we use fro our own chins. Bowls are 2" deep and comes in the color shown.

Ceramic Bowl - $5.00


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