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Here you'll find our newest items that will be added to our product line.
New ideas coming soon!


New Combo Packs:

We know how disappointed people are about our not making full length shelves anymore, but with shipping costs being so high, we're always looking for ways to improve and save people money. What we're putting together are combo packs that will fit the length of a cage; replacing a full length shelf, yet still safe and fun for a chin to enjoy. This will allow a person to design their own layout as well.

Here's an example shown in a Ferret Nation. As you can see, it fits the full length of the cage. This picture shows (2) of our new 9 x 14 Corner Leaps with a Tunnel Home.

Side View. This Tunnel Home was made without the top edging but all Tunnel Homes will come with a top edge guard.

Here we have the same set-up shown with a Chunnel.

We will be putting together prices which we hope to have up shortly.


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