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Here are some Chinchilla links we have found to be very useful. In this list, you will find places to buy your chinchilla supplies, chinchilla rescue services, various charities and other informational sites. We are certain that you will find these both useful and enjoyable.


Chinchilla Supplies:

Kleenmama's Hayloft  - Providing top quality grass hays from the premiere hay growing region of the country.

ChinChic - Fleece Accessories for Chinchillas and other Small Pets


Chinchilla Cages and Wheels:

Martin's Cages - Martins Pet Cages - top quality cages for all types of pets, including ferrets, rabbits, rats, birds, reptiles, and other small animals;  we have the perfect pet cage for you.

Quality Cage Company - Quality Cage Company - All Accessories All Carriers All Racks All Stands Bird Books Food Parts & Tools Small Animal Wire Scales Traps ecommerce, open source, shop, online shopping.


How to Care for Your Chinchilla:

ChinCare - Providing devoted chinparents with educational information and resources since 2002.

Chins-n-Friends - A great chinchilla forum so that you can share your stories and ideas with other chinchilla owners.

Petchinchillas.info - Comprehensive guide to housing a pet chinchilla


Chinchilla Rescue Services:

Canadian Chinchilla Rescue Services - www.canadianchinchillarescue.webs.com


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