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Leaps, Ledges & Shelves

At Simply Chintastic, we have many various leaps, ledges and shelves to offer for you to design that special layout for your chin's cage. All shelves, leaps, and ledges come with a standard 1.5" edging. Our specialty shelves, such as the diner shelf or tile shelf, come with a taller edging.

As with all of our products, ¾" KD pine is our material of choice for building all of our leaps, ledges, and shelves. When ordered, your shelves will arrive with hardware (screws & washers) and pre-drilled for easy installation. A Phillips screw driver or cordless drill is all you'll need.

If there's something you don't see available, please don't hesitate to ask, and we'll be more than happy to see what we can do for you.



9" x 9" Corner Leap                                       9" x 11" Corner Leap

 9" x 14" Corner Leap - New Item

Our 9" x 9", or 9" x 11" Corner Leaps are the perfect accessory for any cage, allowing the chin to leap from shelf to shelf.

9" x 9" Corner Leap w/ 1.5" Edging - $10.00
9" x 11" Corner Leap w/ 1.5" Edging - $11.50
9" x 14" Corner Leap w/ 1.5" Edging - $13.00 - New Item


Pair of Ledges - New Item


Pair of ledges, (1) approximately 7" x 7" and (1) approximately 7" x 9" with 1.5" edging.

Ledges come with hanger bolts, wing nuts & washers hardware attached.

Price - $12.00 for the pair



Corner Diner Shown with Bowl (Bowl not included)

Just like us, our chins enjoy a comfortable place to sit while they eat. The Corner Diner
offers just that! Your chins can now belly up to their bowl in comfort -- off of that wire cage floor. The corner diner measures approximately 9" x 9" with a three inch seating area. Shelf comes pre-drilled for your specific cage. Hardware (screws & washers) is included for easy mounting.

Corner Diner without Bowl - $13.00
Corner Diner with Bowl - $18.00



Our Deluxe Corner Diner is the perfect spot for two chins to dine together. The approximate size of the diner is 11 ¼" x 11 ¼" . The food dish is secured so that your chin can't knock it off an injure themselves. However, it can be easily lifted out for cleaning or refilling. The price includes all hardware (screws & washers) and will be pre-drilled for easy installation upon arrival.

Deluxe Corner Diner without Ceramic Bowl - $22.50
Deluxe Corner Diner with Ceramic Bowl - $27.50
(as shown)



Corner Tile Shelf with tile in place                        Tile removes for easy cleaning

Our corner tile shelf offers the chin a cool spot to rest on those warm days. It comes with an 8" x 8" ceramic tile which is easily removable for cleaning. As with all of our shelves, it comes with the necessary hardware (screws & washers) and is pre-drilled for easy installation.

Corner Tile Shelf - $16.00

This shelf is not recommend for use without tile in place, as it may lead to injury.


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