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Sebastian and I LOVE the day bed.  I swear, that's the best investment I've EVER made.  I'm constantly having to turn that pillow over, because he's eating sticks or rose-hips while he sits in the bed.  I would be very happy if you'd use Sebastian's picture for advertisement.   I'm sure he'd LOVE being a "chinnie child star"...hahaha! -- Jennifer from Arkansas

Sebastian chillin' on his Day Bed


Everything looks great.  You did an awesome job...definitely worth the wait .  -- Lora from British Columbia, Canada

I got the stuff today!  The boys were very very excited about the bed and food shelf! As soon as I put them in the cage they went crazy!  I took a few pictures of them using their new stuff.  When i have the time I'll upload them and show them to you.  Thank you so much!  You have two more very very very happy chins to add to the list.  -- Erica from California

EXCELLENT EXCELLENT JOB!!!  You and your husband really put pride into the work you make.   I love it.  -- Jonas from Alaska

(Photos of the gray chin are Fiona, the white mosaic is Pedro)


You were by far one of the easiest sites to deal with, and the quality of your product shows the time and love that goes into what you do.  Thanks so very much.  -- Tara from Pennsylvania

Thank you for all your hard work!  The shelves fit perfectly!  Angel loves them, she was stretched out on the top back shelf sleeping this morning (I wish I had the camera handy).  And I love the edge guards!  No more flying poop :-).  The day bed it the cutest thing I have ever seen!  She spent a few minutes sitting in it last night, taking a break from checking out all her new goodies.  -- Heather from North Carolina

Hi Linda, I installed everything in Misty's cage last night, and she absolutely loves it!  Everything looks wonderful, and especially the day bed looks so professional (she gets to sleep on her purple cloud).  Thanks a bunch!  -- Diana & Misty from California

Hi Linda, I recieved my package just fine and got everything moved into my chin's cage.  Kingsley really loves his daybed and also loves wrestling with his chill-pilla.  The corner chelf food dish is fantastic and he loves napping in his hidey house.  Thank you so much!   -- Alex & Kingsley from Texas

I am super happy and excited and Cosmo has already checked out everything an loves it as much as I do.   Thank you again for the wonderful shelves and hidey house.  -- Cheryl from Texas

We got them, Linda!  I love the house and the daybed!  -- Amy from Virginia

Thank you for the excellent communication.   If everyone had communication skills like you, it would make dealing with internet sales much easier.  -- Eric from Illinois

THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH for the awesome playtime equipment!  Puddles had a blast and I had a ball watching her chew and bounce all around them!  The cubes make a great playground and the Chinnie Chew Chew is already a favorite playtime spot!  -- Deena from Ohio

Puddles enjoying her new playtime toys!
(First photo she's coming through the tube in the Play Cubes)


Hello, the items arrived yesterday, and they are even better than pictured.  The quality is excellent, thanks so much!!!  Thanks!  -- Tisa from Michigan

I just wanted to let you know that my babies LOVE their pillows, and they thank you very much!  -- Curtis from Louisiana

The daybed showed up today. I can't believe it.  It looks awesome! I love the daybed!  -- Tanya from Alberta, Canada

I am happy to report that the chinnie chew chew arrived tonight.  I was so excited!  It is so cute, and my boys love love love it! Thanks for everything.  It's adorable and my chins just had a very long happy playtime!!!  -- Teryn from Wisconsin

Einstein, Gandalf and Kirby along with parrot Oscar play with the Chinnie Chew Chew


Dear Linda,  Everything got here in tip top shape!!  Wow, I can't believe it shipped so fast and everything was of the most professional quality!  I was amazed at how wonderful everything was.  I have a "chin-chiller" marble slab, but your Chillin' Ledge seems a lot colder.  I'm sure he'll just love that!  And it was so much bigger than I expected it to be.  What a pleasant surprise!  Oh, and the Day Bed is simply adorable.  I mustn't forget the Deluxe Corner Diner Shelf, which is simply flawless.  I must say, everything is wonderfully made and looks absolutely delicious!  I can't wait to send you holiday pics of Titus getting his wonderful Christmas presents.   I will definitely come back in the future knowing full well that I am getting my money's worth buying quality chinchilla furnishment from you.  Reasonable pricing, quick shipping, quality...  What more could you ask for!?  Sincerely yours,  -- Nicole from Ohio

Hello!  I received my items a few days ago and they are fantastic.  -- Deena from Pennsylvania

My chins love everything!  I am looking forward to buying from you again!  I will be recommending you to others for sure.  Thank you so much.  -- Caitlin from North Carolina

I am in love with the train!  It is so adorable!  It's bigger than I thought and cuter than I thought!  His bed is adorable and all the pillows are great.  Thanks so much!  I'm sure you'll be hearing from me soon.  -- Erica from Califorinia

Linda,  I got my items today.  They are beautiful.  Your website does not do them justice.  They are so much bigger and more beautiful than pictured.   I was amazed.  You and your husband do wonderful work.  Theo is loving them, especially his big king-sized bed.  Thank you so much for making and selling these.  I love them all and will be ordering more as soon as I can.  -- Samantha from Texas

Hi Linda,  I am LOVING the corner shelf w/food dish!  Great craftsmanship!   Ralph is loving it too.  I have never seen so much excitement over a new cage item!  Thanks again :)  -- Shayna and Ralph from Maryland

I have to compliment Linda first on her packing skills - that was the most SECURE packing job I have personally ever seen!  Sally & Amy were seriously fighting over who got to be IN the tunnel first.  LOL!  Evie loves her tunnel, I found all kinds of poop and twig pieces in there this morning. :)  They are really enjoying them!  These tunnels are perfect for my mess-makers.  Happy girls!!  Thanks so much, Linda!  -- Kara from Louisiana

Evie (top photo), Sally and Amy (lower two photos) enjoy their Play 'n Snooze Tunnels


Hi Linda, I got my packages in the mail today.  I have to say what a fine job everything was, it's perfect and I love it and I know for sure my boys will love it too.  Again thank you so much, and there is no doubt you will have more orders from me in the future, and I will def recommend you to anyone who is looking to have everything custom in their chinchilla cage.  Again awesome work.  Thanks so much, and have a wonderful day!  -- Melissa from Texas

Hi Linda.  I'll tell you that everything was worth the wait and your products are top notch! The quality is excellent and with the second batch of shelves, are very easy to install.  I don't have everything I purchased from you in the cage as I love to change it up for them.  The train is a HUGE hit and I will be posting some pics on the chins and hedgies forum soon.  It was funny because they were both pushing each other out of the way to get in and out of that train, best toy, to date that I have purchased.  They LOVE the daybed, it's too cute!  Thank you from me and my boys!  -- Sandi & chinnie boys CJ & Pepper from Illinois

Hi Linda,  The shelves came today, they are perfect!  Thank you very much and have a great day :)  -- Jackie from Deleware

I received the shelves on Saturday and I love them!  They are beautiful and so well built.  I will take some pictures when I finish setting up the cage!  Thank you so much!!  -- Laura from Pennsylvania

Hi Linda!!  I love the hay boxes and the tunnel with the stars in it is awesome!!   My chinnies love the tunnel and I love the hay boxes.  They are perfect and are exactly what I had wanted.  So far they haven't ripped all of the hay out of the boxes so hopefully they will continue to keep the hay in them!!  Before they would rip it all out and make a mess with it.  I put the chinchiller in the tunnel and so far Chico has been the one to stake his claim on that.  Thanks so much and I appreciate the hard work!!  --Amanda from Ohio

I received the pilla a couple days ago and it is perfect!  I haven't put it in with my chin yet (I'm in the process of weaning my baby chin from his mom) and I'm waiting to make sure he doesn't destroy it!  Thank you so much, hopefully I'll order some of your amazing toys sometime in the future.  Have a great holiday weekend!   --Cassie from California

Hi Linda,  As promised I'm giving you some feed back on Itsy's hay box.  He loves it! I think the size that it is is perfect...  Itsy has not peed in it at all.   He hasn't even pooped in it either...  his brother likes to do that in his haybox.  Itsy asked me to thank you and Dan soooo much for his new things.   --Amber and Itsy from Nebraska

Hi Linda.  I have a MAJOR problem.  I just put together the train I got, and I loved it so much, I now want a Chin-A-Bago, a Pick Up Bed, and a Play Cubes Tower.   So you can add those to my order.  I don't mind waiting and getting the items one by one.  They are great for photo opportunities!  --Janece from Connecticut

Hi Linda,  My daughter got some adorable pictures of her chins Tia and Nala playing with their new playcubes. (Tia is the black velvet, Nala is the mosaic).   They love it so much and are constantly running and jumping all over it, its too cute.  In one picture Tia even looks like she is smiling, she's so happy!   Little Nala loves running through the tube.  Thank you so much!  --Tracy from Florida


Hi Linda, Thank you so much for the GORGEOUS daybed! Pantoufle is simply enamored with it. My brother was holding it in place for me in her cage, and before I could even get the first screw in, she was already sitting it in and nuzzling the fleece. It's absolutely beautiful, and both Pantoufle and I love it. Thanks again, and also for such a speedy delivery (sorry, I actually got it Friday, but I didn't have time to write a note over the weekend)!  The attachment for the pillow is absolutely ingenious - Pantoufle would have had it on the floor in the first fifteen minutes had it not been for that.  Thanks also for the fun bag of goodies! I know Pantoufle will adore chewing those all up!  --Marguerite from Pennsylvania

Dear Linda,  Chili and I were so happy with her new home and daybed, not to mention the play 'n snooze tunnel and hammock.  As soon as I added her new accessories, she was hopping and dashing all over the place.  She loves to sleep in all three items and it is just too cute when she gets comfy in her hammock or daybed.   You have been so helpful from the very beginning and I love the quality and range of your accessories.  Thank you again and I will definitely be ordering more from you in the future.  Sincerely  --Katherine from New Jersey

OH My Gosh! Asher and I Luuuuuuuuuvvvvvvvvvv the train and the goodies! They are spectacular! He is so excited and loves chewing and playing in his train. I'll have to take photos and post them. Thank you so much for everything and all of your excellent craftspersonship! --Lynn - VA

Hi Linda and Dan, I got my playcubes yesterday and my chins love them! I let them out last night and they were having so much fun exploring their new toys! The whole set together is absolutely adorable! Thank you so much for your hard work. My chins and I really appreciate it.... --Natalie - NY

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that the house and tower arrived yesterday! They are really fantastic.The chinchillas and I love them. Thank you so much, --Keeley - Nevada

Thank you, thank you and thank you! Oh wow, the Chinnie Chew-Chew is awesome. I just opened the box today because I had been ill since the package arrived. I'm sure my 2 girls will enjoy digging their teeth into this. I may order another one because next month I'm getting 2 more chinchillas. Is your site up yet? --Henrietta (very satisfied customer) - NY

Hello Linda and Dan, I received the shelves in perfect condition last week. They are so well made and easy to install! My chinchillas are enjoying their renovated home and I look forward to ordering from you again in the near future. Thank you guys. Have a great weekend! --Linda, - NY

Everything looks amazing! Thank you so much you guys. You're the best! --Jessica - Massachusetts

Linda & Dan, We received the items. They are AWESOME! and our chins love everything we got. Thanks so much for a high quality product. Can't wait for the Playcube set. Thanks. --Rich - NH

Dear Linda, As you can see, the chins LOVE their new toy! The mosaic (Where you can see her back) is Momma Misty, the dark ebony boy is Cookie, and the pink white is 14 week old baby Mo :) Each of them have fun playing on their play cubes set, and I couldn't thank you more for it! Thanks from me and the chins. --The Bryans - NJ

Baby Mo


Just wanted to let you we received the beautiful chin items yesterday!! Our chins just love the new manor and are now sleeping in and playing in it all the time. We are already looking forward to getting new play items for them. Thanks again, and have a great day! --April - PA

Hi Linda and Dan, I got everything today and it all looks really good. It was definitely a lot of careful packaging. You two are really skilled at woodworking and everything looks so clean and sturdy! It is a shame that Lily and Penny are going to go to town on all of that fresh wood and all of the nicely sanded edges are going to be chewed to bits! Both of them have already started nibbling and they are super excited over everything. I can't wait for the playset! Thanks again and have a Happy Halloween!
--Xiaosong - NY

I got the package yesterday! It's awesome! The tunnel and daybed are so smooth and carefully crafted, and I love the way the pilla clips through the back of the daybed! Really impressive work. Thank you!
--Ashley - GA

I received the day bed and it is adorable. Really cute fabric. Now Archimedes can actually go from one level to the ramp to the other level through his house! I think he'll really like it! Thank you,
--Meaghan - NH

Thanks sooo much. My stuff came yesterday. It looks absolutely amazing. I can't wait until tonight to see Spazzy go nuts in it. --Autumn - CA

Spazzy enjoying her Mini Bago


I got the package yesterday! It's awesome! The tunnel and daybed are so smooth and carefully crafted, and I love the way the pilla clips through the back of the daybed! Really impressive work. Thank you!
--Ashley - GA

Hi Linda, Hi Dan, Just wanted to say that the chins, love the chunnel, and shelves have drastically reduced the flying poop and shaving. It is such a pleasure, Love them soooo much, great job and worth the wait. Thank you again for everything, will possible order a few more shelves, love them they are great and have cut down on a lot of cleaning up. Thank you, --Terry - MA

Your pieces are GORGEOUS and Judo loves them. Soon it will be time for a new little chin house too. I can't even believe how cute he looks sleeping on that little pink pillow. I don't think he's old enough to let the girly color hurt his manliness, and I can't resist. He's an all white chin, so he looks so angelic. Thanks so much, I can't tell you, again, how beautiful your work is! Judo loves the new shelf too.
Thanks again! --Melissa - PA

Hi Linda and Dan, We finally received the package! It's beautiful! What amazing craftsmanship! It took a while to put it inside his cage, but it's finally in there and Rutherford loves it! Thanks again for making Rutherford's life that much better and happier. --Ryan - CA

Rutherford with his Summit Retreat


Hi Linda & Dan, We received the packages yesterday and are thrilled! What beautiful work -- there's nothing else like it out there. It was absolutely worth the wait. Thank you so much for the chinchilla dwellings/furniture, and for your outstanding service as well. Best, -- Reese - CA

Hi Linda & Dan, WOW! The chin steps are PERFECT! I'm very pleased. You guys are AWESOME! When I first placed this order I only had one cage but now I have two so I will be ordering another one, but after I move of course. As soon as me and the chins are settled, I will be placing an order for additional items for my girls. It was a great experience doing business with you. -- Henrietta - NY

Linda & Dan, Our Summit Retreat arrived today and we love it! Everything is so well made and will last a very long time. Thanks so much! -- Julie - OR

Hi! I got the stuff I ordered from you guys the other day and I put it in my chin's cage. I love it all so much! The quality is fantastic. I came home today and for once he hadn't tossed his hay or pellets all over the place! Thank you SO much. I'm super happy with my order, and I'm pretty sure he is too. :)
-- Megan - CA

Hi. I love the shelves a lot they are so cool. The chins love them too! They are so chin friendly and so smooth. The hardware you sent worked better than I or my dad thought it would work !!!! thank you soooo much! -- Laina - OH

Thank You So Much for this beautiful Chin-A-Bago. You are amazing & the love you put into work is well seen. My girls played in and out of the Chin-A Bago all day & is still playing with it & chewing on all of it. This is the 1st gift I gave them that they REALLY LOVE. Thank You! Amy & The Really Happy Chinnies
-- Savanna & Cheyenne - IL

Linda, I just wanted to let you know that I received the two daybeds that I ordered from you and I absolutely LOVE THEM! The quality and craftsmanship of them is remarkable. You can truly tell how much pride and love you put into all of your products. The entire experience from beginning to end was very simple, straight forward, fast, and enjoyable. I always felt like the most important customer you had! I have told all of my friends about your awesome website and products and look forward to buying more of your creations in the future. Sincerely. -- Rachel S. - TX




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