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We at Simply Chintastic are a small family ran, owned, and operated business. My husband (Dan), and myself (Linda), have loved and owned chinchillas for over 11 years. After searching pet stores (without any luck) to find what I considered quality safe items, my husband said, "I can build things for our own chins from the ideas you have, just tell me what you want." After a few years of building things for our own chins, mainly houses and shelves, one day Dan said, "I'll bet they'd enjoy sleeping on something soft like a pillow!" So I made one out of fleece, and Dan said, "We should call it a Chilla Pilla". After seeing how much the chins enjoyed sleeping on them, I mentioned to Dan, now all they need is a bed for the pilla, and he said, "No problem!" With that being said, the daybed was created.

Our chins loved their daybeds so much that we wanted to see what others thought, so we placed one out there online. A person did end up buying it, and was so pleased with the daybed; she asked if she could order a couple more. Her chin Snowy (shown on the right) was the very first chin outside of ours to try the daybed, and we think the picture speaks for itself. Through lots of great encouragement from our family members, as well as our first client, we decided to start offering our products to other chin lovers, and Simply Chintastic was born.

We thank Jean for allowing us to use Snowy's photo of her sleeping in her daybed.

Dan has been a wood worker for over 30 years, so being able to do what he loves and create things for someone he loves (the chins, and me), makes all the hard work we put into every item just that much more worthwhile.

We're happy to say that all our chins seem to enjoy what we design, and with their help, we know your chins will love our products too.

This is our boy Riley who unfortunately passed away, but as you can see he loved his chilla pilla while he was here with us.


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