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Welcome to Simply Chintastic!


HAPPY 2017!
We will not be taking any orders this year for building and sales of our products!

We are in the process of updating our workshop so that we can improve production and the processing of orders in the future. Upon completion of our upgrades, we plan to mass build and stock many of our items. Those items will be made available on a first-come, first served basis until all stock is depleted. We expect to be open for taking orders again around October 2017.

As chin owners ourselves, we at Simply Chintastic know all chins have their own personality and tastes. Our main goal is to provide the highest quality products for your special furry friends. All of our products are made pet safe by only using materials that are safe for your pets. Non toxic wood glue and ¾" untreated kiln dried (KD) pine are our materials of choice, which means you needn't worry about their natural instinct to chew away at it.

Fleece is the only materials we use since it's supposed to be the safest of all materials out there for chins. Other materials can unravel and cause intestinal problems due to strings and fibers from them. We do recommend that if you see your chin chewing excessively on any material, you remove it from their cage immediately.

Every product built is as if made for our very own chins. Safety and quality are never a second thought; they are first and foremost in every product we design or build. Our own chins, besides being the spoiled furry friends they are, happily love checking out anything new we create. And that tells us, if they love it, your chin will love it too.

Please note that since we are not a large manufacturer and every item is custom made in our local workshop, we are unable to bulk stock our products due to the over-whelming demand for them. Some orders can take us some time to complete. So with this in mind, we ask for your patience while we custom build your order. It's our goal to only produce top quality, safe products for your chinchilla or other small pets. This is something we take great pride in.

Living in Michigan also has its setbacks. Besides the demand for our products, we also have winter to deal with. Cold weather not only affects us, but can also play havoc with the lumber we use. Unfortunately, our workshop is not heated, and the cold temperatures can sometimes cause warping or cracking to the lumber, so there are times when building things are a bit more difficult.

So when placing an order with us, we now hope you have a better understanding why your patience is so greatly appreciated. We encourage you to check the status of your order any time. We'll be more than happy to let you know where things stand.

Thank you for taking the time to consider our products.

Linda & Dan


Important Update:


We are pleased to announce a few changes to make ordering your Chilla Pillas easier.


Check out the Odds n' Ends page for details!


We will now offer our Chilla Pillas all year round!




Please see the important notice on this page!